What are people saying about Next Generation Journalist?

“As a budding entrepreneur myself, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this thought-provoking and highly optimistic ideas. In 68 pages, he moves seamlessly from one idea to the next, describing how you can make each work for your personally and what small steps can be taken immediately.

“In my opinion, it is extremely worth the money, and even more so considering you can get your hands on a copy for less than $10 if you buy it before May 31st.”

Tracy Boyer, Innovative Interactivity, 20th May 2010

After a clever ramp-up promo campaign on his content-rich blog, Adam Westbrook has at last released his 68-page eBook, ‘Next Generation Journalist: 10 New Ways to Make Money in Journalism,’ chockablock with solid info and advice for those crazy enough to pursue our beleagured and underresourced profession.

Guess what distinguishes each of Westbrook’s strategies for landing a gig? The recognition of the fact that there are scarcely any gigs left to pursue — and that you have to find and make your own opportunities.

Ken Kobre, KobreChannel, 21st May 2010

“Great job Adam…required reading for every journalism student in the world.”

Michael Rosenblum

“You’ll find the book divided into ten practical sections covering content aggregation, setting up a hyperlocal site and even creating your own multimedia collaborative. The tone is both informative and inspirational, think self help meets how-to guide.”

“Even if you’re familiar with multimedia journalism you’re likely to find many parts of the book useful. For example, Adam has helpfully added hyperlinks to many of his case studies, turning the book into a textbook-like anytime resource. This also makes the book in our opinion more useful in its ebook form.

“Highlights include the excellent “Things you can do right away” sections at the end of each chapter which offer practical first steps towards creating your new business.”

Alex Wood, Not On The Wires blog, 20th May 2010

Filled with concise, to the point information on new trails to travel depending on the style of journalism you are working in, a rather unconventional approach compared to what’s being taught in journalism schools today.

As a solo video journalist, I realized to stay competitive, I had to find new avenues to pursue in order to keep myself earning an income.

Cliff Etzel, American Video Journalist, 24th May 2010

But do not despair, at least that is the message of Adam Westbrook, the multimedia journalist, lecturer, blogger, writer and founder of the UK Future of News Meetup group, who claims: “The internet, this new digital age we now find ourselves in, is not a threat: it’s a huge opportunity.”

Jon Slattery, UK journalist & blogger, 25th May 2010