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We are all privileged to be in journalism now – a time so ripe for change. To be a Next Generation Journalist you have to want to change stuff.

And this ebook will help you do that.

This is a unique book.

I have combined journalism with business, entrepreneurship, career design and technology to develop & research 10 new ways to make money in journalism in 2010.

What you’ll get if you read the book

68 pages of practical advice on new and exciting ways to do journalism
practical step-by-step guides to achieving each of the 10 suggested pathways
in-depth case studies with the journalists and entrepreneurs who are already making it happen, including Brian Storm, Don Foley and Deborah Bonello.
solid advice on what makes a good news business idea
a step-by-step guide to creating your own portfolio business, collaborative & hyperlocal website
and loads of ideas and encouragement!

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